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Sunday, May 15, 2011

assalamualaikum :)

About a month had elapsed since my last published post right ? maybe , i'm some kind of busy right now.. busy with my career as a student . I wish I had enough time to concentrate only on my studies and not too stress about the SPM , but as everyone know , SPM only once in a lifetime . Right peeps ? I wish to gain a lots of memories studying with my beloved girlfriends . Being crazy with them makes my life happier and crazier ! Its the month of May right now . Only about half a year to go before I can drop my pen as a school children and battle with my own mind and pens , with liquid paper answering all those examinations and so on. Answering all those addmaths , physic , chemy and biology makes me keep thinking , when are all this stuff going to end ?! I'm tired and sick of it ! but , as a servant to the ALMIGHTY GOD , all I can do is just keep praying and be patient . so verily , with the hardship , there is relief . verily , with the hardship , there is relief. ( surah al-Insyirah 5-6 ) . I gained strength by listening to the holy Quran . I knew that I wasn't alone when I stared to the moon , stars and the sky . At that time , I knew that I have GOD by my side . I felt embarassed to him . I knew that all this time , I've made a lots of sin towards HIM . and now , I'm here . Gazing to all i've done and hoping for his help . 

Ya Allah , forgive all my sin , provide me some strength to pursue success in life :)

p/s : Dreams requires struggle , Struggle requires sacrifice and Sacrifices requires perseverance .


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