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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When it comes to 2012 (^_~)

Assalamualaikum :)

When it comes to 2012 , i'm very sure that each of us has renewed their wish list and resolutions.

Therefore , proud to say , so do I ! hehe :) 

My dreams and wish list for this year are :

  • 12A+ in my SPM 2011 :)
  • Having my own driving license 
  • Get my own pink Nikon 1 J1 

  • Pink apple macbook pro

  • Further study is pharmacy or medicine or add maths teacher 
  • Scholarship maybe 
  • Ke jordan atau mesir atau rusia atau mana-mana sahaja 
  • Get engaged ! HAHA ^^, 

All in pink . because i'm deadly in love with pink colour ^^

p/s : selamat bersekolah semua . Jangan asyik tersilap tulis tarikh 2011 ye . it's now 2012 :)


Syifa Zul said...

ingatkan kau suka purple,,

RIA said...

aku pun pelik bila orang ingat aku suka purple syif. haha