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Friday, February 3, 2012

Lindungi aku

Assalamualaikum :) 

Terasa ingin dilindungi
Dilindungi oleh orang yang menyayangi
Dilindungi dengan penuh keikhlasan hati.

Semasa kecil
Siapa yang melindungi kita ?
Ibu dan ayah bukan ?

Tapi mengapa ..
Setelah meningkat dewasa..
Bukan lindungan ibu bapa yang diinginkan
Tetapi lindungan sang kekasih yang diharapkan.

Adakah benar mereka melindungimu wahai gadis ?
Adakah benar mereka berada disisimu saat kamu keseorangan ?
Adakah benar mereka mententeramkan kamu saat perasaan kamu berkecamuk ?
Adakah benar ia berlaku ?

Are they really with you ?
Lending their shoulder for you to cry on ?
Giving you hugs when you feel down ?
Calm you down when you are emotionally depressed ?

No !
They are not always with you !
They have life to move on . 
They can't just stuck with you to listen to all your problems .

That is why 
ALLAH is with you !
HE knows you better than your family and lovers 
HE knows what are in your heart 
HE knows what is the best for you 
HE has a great plans for you 
HE never leaves you 
Its you who leave HIM

Ingatlah !
Tiada yang mengasihi kita lebih daripada ALLAH
Tiada yang memahami kita lebih daripada ALLAH
Tiada yang kekal dengan kita melainkan ALLAH
Tiada yang sentiasa bersama kita melainkan ALLAH
Tiada yang mengetahui setiap satu yang kita lakukan melainkan ALLAH 

Be proud to be born as a MUSLIM !

I keep wondering , how does it feels to have a brother 
A brother who can protect you 
A brother who can guide you 
A brother who can make you smile
I am grateful to have sisters
They made my life shining all days
We share things together
We keep arguing for small things but WE ARE NEVER APART !

Don't be jealous of all sweet love stories and their heroes and heroins life because they are just written by human scriptwriters . But , be thankful and proud of your life . Because it is planned and decided by ALLAH ! :)


Fatin Nuraqila Zulhami said...

hidup kita bukannya macam cerita dalam novel, semua part sedap je bila baca

RIA said...

tapi kadang tu sebenarnya realiti lagi seronok dari mimpi.. kan ?

faizah husna said...

proud to be a muslim..moving towards becoming a mu'min ..:)