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Friday, June 15, 2012

UiTM Kampus Bertam

Assalamualaikum :) 

I'm here in penang for almost two weeks. The good news is i'm not homesick. Even tough I cried really hard the day before I registered as a UiTM Penang student. Tak redha weh, tak redha nak daftar. But then, I tried to think positively. There must be reasons behind this.

MDS week

Tiring week, got up EVERY SINGLE DAY at 4pm as we have to gather around 445 am. We can't stay in our room until midnight. The routine repeating for about 7days , 7 nights. Jangan harap nak mandi tengah hari, mandi malam-malam buta je eh. The tentative is all about taklimat, taklimat and taklimat . The best part is we learnt senam si tommy and others. 

Here in penang, pharmacy students is the minority. Our batch is only 64 students. So it's hard to meet your course mate during MDS week unless the PM divided you based on faculties . So memang jangan harap lah nak berkenalan sangat dengan course mate masa MDS kecuali korang duduk satu rumah atau satu bilik.

Tense and stress during MDS is a common thing. Every new college student will experience this. But the good thing is, after MDS you can hang out with your friends at the mall, jusco perda, watching movies, visiting balik pulau , naik ferry and what so ever.

Kolej Kristal A

Yes, I know this is Kolej Kristal B. But, the laziness to capture my own kolej kristal A has brought me to post the image which I found in google image. It's the new kolej kediaman. With an apartment style. Two rooms per-house, two bathrooms and there are four beds each room. No need to wait for the toilet. But you have to clean your own bathroom unlike kolej intan. The cleaners will clean their bathroom because their toilets are outside the room. 

Dewan makan, pejabat pengurusan asrama, dobi, koperasi and others are in one building

These are few pictures I took from other blogs. Because I don't bring my camera and my usb. At first, kolej kristal belong to the siswa but then they gave to the siswi. 

This is kolej kristal A. At last I found the image ! You can see my room there , aras 4. See, there is playground. So, every thursday , friday, saturday night you might find me there. Malam-malam dalam bilik sangat panas. Bergelak ketawa dekat bawah ni lagi menarik hati.

UiTM Kampus Bertam

We, as a pharmacy students studies at Kampus Bertam. Every day, we have to get up early just like school days only to ride the bus to Bertam. Which is located about 20++ kilometers from UiTM Permatang Pauh. Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Health Science students only have to get up early as mostly our class will start at 8 am. But actually not only us . Some of engineering students and Pra diploma students have classes at Perda and Balik Pulau. So, we can't miss the bus . Bak kata senior , perjalanan 20 minit ke Bertam boleh jadi 2 jam kalau korang tertinggal bas. Seksa weh nak tukar rapid penang tu tiga kali. 

Memang kosong bertam ni. Yang ada cuma blok pensyarah, blok akademik, blok pentadbiran, blok makmal. Sememangnya senyap sunyi kecuali antara pukul 12 hingga pukul 2 sebab ada lunch break. Wifi laju sebab kurang orang kot. Kalau dekat kolej kristal , pagi-pagi je laju sebab semua orang pergi kelas. 

About Diploma in Pharmacy 

There are some miss communication because some one told me that there is fast track. BUT NOT ! I have to complete my diploma for about 3 years before I can pursue my degree . But I'm only in Bertam about two years , The third year, I might return to gombak, for practical in hospital for two semesters . Then I thought my degree will be at least 3 years when I have completed my diploma but here it goes again NO ! There is no transfer credit because my profession is a professional profession . 3 + 4 = 7 ! Seven years only for degree. When I give a second thought, I think medic is better. They studies only about 6 years. But passion for medic is certainly not me . Come to think the third time , why did I choose diploma ? I don' know why. I regret . I should just choose foundation in science . The regretful feeling kills me from the inside . Tried to be positive , but can't ! I have experienced many things ! I didn't get all I want , but my friends do. I'm envy of them. But come to think the fourth time after having a heavy conversation with ibu with all the tears running down my cheek , everything in this world is not easy . If Allah chose me to be here, then it's the best for me to be here . I start from diploma, I might end up being a doctor of pharmacy . It's not might . It's a must for me ! Dean's list every semester . Anugerah Naib Canselor when graduate is my aim . I have to study . I have to stay focus . There must be reasons why Allah chose me to be here . It's because HE miss me . HE want me to stay close to HIM . Praying, thinking of HIM. When I feel down , I must cry . I can't hold on . I want to be happy after crying . Tears can cool us down . Try to read facts about tears. 

So , dear juniors, try to think hard, if you really want to pursue in diploma of pharmacy . It takes time but you will gain knowledge more than anyone else . Choose foundation first instead of diploma if you want to save time , but if you want the knowledge. Come and be my juniors next year. Pointer to pursue your degree after diploma in pharmacy is 3.8 !  

But, when you feel down, cry and then laugh . That is the best thing . Forget all your worries, smile and move on . My roomates, housemates, coursemates and classmates in awesome ! We have pink lover, orange lover and red lover in the house :) 

Walking at night with Farzana , and nabila only to meet adlia at kolej Intan is awesome eventhough adlia went for a movie at that night and we don't know her room. We who only know her floor, end up knocking all the doors asking , is there a person name adlia in this room ? is a quite hilarious moment.

Today - Friday 15 JUN, my classes at Bertam is cancelled , I end up updating my blog using farzana's lappy when she has classes :)

Pray :  Ya Allah berikan RATNA IMAN AMIRAH binti MOHAMAD kejayaan dalam hidup, Anugerah dekan setiap semester, anugerah naib canselor ketika konvo, kesabaran yang tinggi, jiwa yang kental, hati yang terang untuk menerima pelajaran. AMIN .


irma herdiani said...

phewwit .

Fatin Nuraqila Zulhami said...

assalamualaikum, heyy ratna :) aku punya laa berapa hari duk fikir kau masuk mana and amik course apa . terkejut juga bila aku dapat tau kau ambil diploma.aku pun terfikir kenapa kau tak dapat asasi, mara atau mana2 scholar?tapi bila aku fikir balik, mesti kau tak akan menyesal dengan pilihan kau. mesti yg ni tbaik untuk kau walaupun mula2 kau susah nak went through semua ni. ratna, teruskan usaha. insyaallah, Allah akan sayang kau ,pandang kau dengan susah payah yg kau rasa.may be blessed :D

faizah husna said...

be strong ea tenak...:)
kau kne cuba utk redha jugak..^_^
Allah dah merancang setiap jalan kehidupan yang bakal kita lalui..dan kita hanya perlu menempuhinya dengan sebaik mungkin dan penuh kesabaran...weyh,doakn ak kt sini..kdg2 hari2 yg ak lalui begitu perit n keje ak menangis jela..tp disebalik tangisan air mata yg mngalir tuh ..pastikan slpas itu kte tmbulkan satu azam yg lebih baik..:) syg SELALU..<3

RIA said...

no worries husna. kerja aku kat penang pun menangis je. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Jgn kecewa ye..Allah tahu apa yg terbaik utk awak..