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Monday, July 9, 2012

Setiap amalan bermula dengan niat

Assalamualaikum :) 

Mungkin title ni lain sikit dari isi yang bakal dihurai. Tapi tak apa sebab masih menyentuh soal niat. I've once felt stress. Really stress . A bad stress that affect my studies. I can't focus in lectures, I ignore my quiz, I left my classes and I left my tutorial book clean without any mess. So hard to recover until my classmates feel a bit fright to say hi to me. Maybe I look like a zombie to them. Sort of. With unhappy face, fake smiles, plastic laugh ! But when wawa asks me, Ratna ok ? I smiled to her. A very sincere smile showing that I'm ok. It's the first time in a week I feel like this. That moment we just came out from lab after doing some experiments preparing standard solution, dilution process and titration. 

I made my parents feel uneasy. I made my sisters uneasy. I don't know whether it's not meant for me or it's just Allah made my route not easy as others. I chose my path. No matter what the upcoming problems and risks, I have to endure it. I'm not going to run away from trials and tribulation. HE made trials and tribulation to make our IMAN grow thicker and stronger. I don't know why I said those things back then. But I'm regretting it now. 

A text from my friend, saying TAJDIDKAN NIAT SETIAP HARI !

I tried. But eventhough I start my day with a smile, renew my target and niat everyday , it just don't work for me. Mungkin banyak sangat dosa. 

I'm hoping for rays of light. 

I'm going to fulfilled my dreams. 

What you have dreamed, become a mission :)

Himne Iman :D

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Myra Arshad (: said...

selamat berpuasa dear ;)