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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Assalamualaikum :) 

Hai ^^, Happy Holidays to all ( sem break started kan ? )

Not much to say. But I have some story. I have an egyption friend named Hiba. 

I was talking to a friend, asking this and that. *Kak Nas nak pergi makan pizza alex tak.. Aqilah nak ikut tak.. bla bla and bla

Suddenly she asked me. 
"Is that real gold ? "
I take a look at my bracelet. 
"Yes. It's real."
"Don't wear it here. "
"You mean in Zagazig or in class ? "
"In Zagazig and in Egypt. Because my mom said that we doesn't know what's going to happen. "
I admitted that she's right. 
"Actually, most of us Malaysian wear this. Because in Malaysia there is not much robbery like this."(maksudnya yg curi something yg ada di badan orang)
"Oh yeah? But just don't wear it here. It's not safe."

Then we talk about something else. *Thingking of using her to make my arabic much better. kikiki :)

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