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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

After hiatus

SalamAlaykum :)

I have lots and lots and lots of stories to be shared together.

But I am soooooo busy and the internet connection is not so good lately which definitely makes me lost contact with blogging.

Exams every week, oral test, programs, usrah. Not to mention my duties as a chef lepas balik kelas. Tiring babes. Nak tengok movie pun macam tak sempat. Tapi kalau kak munirah boleh dapat mumtaz sedangkan dia ada keluarga, why can't I find a time to study since I am single. I have no others commitment besides taking care of myself and we all have the same round moon, same round earth and were given 24 hours everyday. It's not like they have 28 hours a day kan ?

So i'm trying to be the best among the best to make my family proud. InShaAllah.

And in 30 days, i'll sit for my final exams for the first semester. Pray for me, Mumtaz untuk semester ini. Ameen,ameen,ameen :)

Best of luck everyone. Semoga iman lebih bertambah setiap hari. After hiatus, i'll make a new post okay :)

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