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Friday, November 16, 2012

In between Hate and Love

Assalamualaikum :) 

I arrived Cairo International Airport around 4 am . With unconscious mind at first, I've realized that now I am not with my family anymore . The first time to be abroad without my family. 

The cool breeze welcoming me to Egypt . The cooler breeze welcoming me to Zagazig. A strange land. A strange environment.

Is this where I'm going to live for the next five years ? Of course. What the upcoming trials and tribulations, I have to endure it by myself . All by MYSELF.

A thing I hate is when it become hard to communicate with Egyptian. Different accent. They can't understand me, I can't understand them. Learning arabic for more than 5 years isn't good enough in Egypt.

But a thing I love is when the uncles and aunties advice us, Malaysian, to study hard. To take care of our belongings. Welcoming us, Ahlan wa Sahlan fi Misr. Malaysian ahsan . I love when I can communicate with them and understand what they're saying.

I hate seeing egyption fight in the middle of busy street.

But I love the ukhuwah among Malaysian. We are all family :)

The doctors and professors take care of Malaysian.Of course there are some problems but, everything is still under control.

The seniors, never tired of giving us a hand. Buying household, electrical appliances. Salaam seems like Malaysian Village. Ke mana-mana akan jumpa orang Malaysia di Zagazig. Hatta di seluruh mesir.

In tramco to Mahattah, the tremco is fulled with Egyption and we. At first I heard they talk about us before they started to ask us.

Where are you come from ? Ihna Malizi.
What course did you learn in Zagazig ? Kuliyyah Saidalah.
Saidalah ? Kalam 'arabi ?
Talk to me in English. * Ni sebab mereka nak mantapkan english mereka. Sedangkan kita nak luaskan vocab arab..

So I talk to them in English. They asked us many question but there are still some words they don't understand. *Dia suruh kawan dia translate ke arab :)

At last when we arrive, They said " Welcome to egypt. We are welcoming you. But please take care of your mobile and money in Zagazig "

Then the next day we met again in front of the main gate of gamaah. She asked us, you remember me ? Of course we do.

I love Egyption when they are welcoming us.

Taxi drivers always think that they can charge higher for Malaysian as they think Malaysian have lots of money. No way. If it's higher than 4 pounds, I'll find another taxi. But we are students, we spent lots of money in our lab tools, books and stuff .

I love Egypt as the lecturers called us by doctors instead of our name.

Everyone that save people's life are considered as doctors here.

This is life. Not everything will be ease for us. Pengalaman tak boleh dicipta melainkan telah dialami :)

Selamat menempuh alam kedewasaan di perantauan :)

Kabus :)

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