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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wise friend

Assalamualaikum :)

A friend of mine once asked . 

Masa sekolah rendah kau ramai kawan kan ? Aku ya kan aje. Sebab hakikatnya memang macam tu.

Waktu sekolah menengah makin kurang kan ? Aku ya kan lagi.

Waktu uni life macam mana? Aku jawab its getting lesser and lesser.

Kawan aku tambah well waktu kerja definitely we're going to be alone. I couldn't agree more.

Some might disagree by saying you are alone because you choose to be alone. Bukan itu maksud aku. You have your colleagues but what I meant here is friends whom you can hangout with, watching movies together and do some girls stuff. 

As we get older we tend to have more problems. More problems to be solved, more things to be think of  as well as family and relatives to be taken care of.

Now that I think more and more actually we do not lose friends. But we are losing our time. Time to hang out. Time to catch up. Time to be leisure at all time. Friends are still there. But definitely they are as busy as us. 

To wrap up all these I would say that this is the nature of our life. We grow older each seconds. But we get older and wiser.

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