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Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring - Japan - Exchange Programme

Assalamualaikum :)

Its been awhile since my last post in this blog. Alhamdulillah as I remember so far everything went well (of course few problems happen tapi small matter je kut since I barely remember them wahaha). So basically today Im gonna blog about Spring-Japan-Exchange Programme.

I was given opportunity to experience Spring in Japan *Yeayyyy* but definitely in march cherry blossom haven't bloom yet and the weather wasn't very nice (but mostly the weather is so nice during my visit). The very first day as I landed in Narita Airport - its raining heavily and the wind is so cold like real cold sampai rasa macam takleh nak pergi jalan kalau cenggini gaya weather kat japan in march. But alhamdulillah the next day, it get warmer but not that warmer yang macam boleh throw away your jacket. 

As a participant of a two weeks exchange program I need to participate in every activities arranged for us. This include conducting experiment in Josai University under supervision of the professor, industrial visit to Bushu Pharmaceutical Ltd. and a visit to Saitama International Medical Centre. Japan has always been known for their technology and yeah technically I was mesmerized and impressed by their high tech machines in hospital which are used to improve delivery of medicine to consumer and prevent medication error. Besides these official visit definitely we have to prepare some presentation -- alhamdulillah its a great experience to be able to talk in front of Japanese sensei and students walaupun slide presentation group kami yang paling sikit (mohon jangan malas sangat macam kami) 

Bak kata orang sambil menyelam minum air. Here is the fun part of Japan

We went to Harajuku-Shibuya-Ueno-Asakusa-Tokyo-Tokyo Skytree-Tokyo Dome City-Hakone. To be exact each place have its very own speciality and memories for me. From my sight - Japanese are very polite and they respect foreigner. They are willing to help you as they can - try to call for help - they will help you willingly - that is the good memory of Japan. The worst part is food . Agak susah untuk cari makanan halal dan agak susah untuk cari tempat solat. Tapi biasalah adat berjalan di tempat orang.

Mostly asakusa ada banyak shrine tapi situlah tempat kami memborong souvenirs tapi kena pandai survey harga sebab harga sangat berbeza antara satu kedai dengan kedai lain walaupun dia jual benda yang sama. Main point ke shibuya cuma sebab nak tengok shibuya crossing je and yes the view is so clear from starbucks. So yeah this is part 1. Akan sambung bila rajin hahaha.

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Rindu x nk pi jepun lg... eh kau mmg dkt jepun pun... hahaha