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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Does the Japanese socialize?

Assalamualaikum :)

From the very first day I step my foot in Kita-sakado, I noticed that I'll be living in a very quiet and peaceful environment. I was even wondering does this Japanese even socialize with their neighbours?

I even barely came across my neighbours downstairs. But well today on Sunday morning I woke up due to loudness from the outside. It turned out that they were busy cleaning the neighbourhood. No wonder the environment is so clean, neat and tidy. They were busy chit-chatting, sweeping the stairs, trimming flowers and even gossiping with each other.

Oh yes the elderly here are very polite and active. I saw them exercising like every morning. They even walk by themselves which is something you would never see in Malaysia. A very old woman came to post-office alone to settle her business all by her own.

Too bad I know nothing about Japanese language. Should learn them quickly.

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Syifa Zul said...

Nak gmbr nak gambar nak gambarrr