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Friday, May 27, 2016

Sembilan purnama di Jepun

Assalamualaikum :)

Alhamdulillah safely landed at Haneda airport on 24th May 2016. So here my journey as a student in a foreign country begins. I have zero idea about Japanese language. Zero. The only japanese words that I know are arigato and kawaii. How ironic is that I need to stay in Japan for more than a month with no knowledge of even basic conversation.

The real challenge begins. I have to be more careful about things and food I bought. The struggle of not sleeping until Subuh prayer time comes. Walking to university when all this while I drive to campus. Pretending to understand what the local people said but in fact I have no idea at all. Orang kata confident tu penting wakaka.

So today I went to Takasaka to buy electrical appliances at K's Denki. To be exact is to buy iron. I was google translating to them asking how should I test my Iron but what they understand is that Im asking how to use them. So he turn on the switch and gave me a shirt to iron. Kahkah.

Another struggle is that somehow I felt like going back to Malaysia. Probably because Im homesick and I miss my family and friends. So yeah Im challenging myself to be better day by day. Moga ini yang terbaik. Moga jadi gigih untuk belajar bahasa jepun wahaha. Stay tuned peeps. XOXO

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Syifa Zul said...

Lulz. X gheti iron baju ghupenye